Facility Usage


Anytime the PTA would like to hold an event or meeting at Riverside School, this process for booking space must be followed.  Before you book, you must first clear the date with Dannielle DiAngelo in the front office. Even if you have gotten an okay from another staff member, please always check with Dannielle.  Dannielle has the master calendar, and all requests must go through her.


To check with the PTA calendar, please email Allison Maus and Clare Johnson.


(1) Follow this link.  This can be found on the Greenwich School District site under Departments, Facilities / Rentals, Facilities Rental / Use.


(2) Scroll down to "To request access to Community Use:" and select the "to Community Use:" hyperlink.


(3) Once you are in the form, select “Log in to Request Facility Use” at the top right of the page.


(4) Use our centralized PTA account to Log In.  Email address:  riversideschoolpta@gmail.com, password: riverside.


(5) Select the "Request Facility Use" tab (It is the second tab on the top menu).


(6) Select "Normal Schedule" or "Recurring Schedule" (Please note: The PTA typically uses the "Normal Schedule").


(7) Follow the instructions to fill in the requested information. Complete the fields for:  Event Title, Event Description, Location = RV, Rooms, Event Date, Start Time and End Time.  When you login with the Riverside School PTA account, all insurance information will automatically be added, so you will not need to do this part.

(8) Check that the requested space is available for your desired date / time.  If so, select "Next".

(9) Complete information on the Event Details page.  For Organization please select: "PTA Riverside School", for Contact please select: "PTA Riverside".  Add any Set Up Requests here.  For custodial requests, please make sure to complete the Custodial field with detailed information and reference any diagrams that will be included. 


(10) Complete the Event Information section including Total Attending, Adults Attending, Children Attending, Extra Chairs Required, Parking Spaces Required, Other Needs.


(11) Optional:  If you have files to attach, they can be attached in the File Attachments field.  The PTA typically uses this for diagrams of any specific set up requests for the custodians.


(12) Signature:  Please note that the signature must be “riversideschoolpta@gmail.com”.  Select the box to confirm terms and Save.  



All confirmations will go to the PTA's gmail account, and Dannielle will be notified that a Facilities Use Request was completed. She will be checking the system daily or as close to daily as possible to approve requests.  Requests will then go to the principal and to the district for approval.



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