Online Access

1. Getting Started

Go to My Account>My Page to login.


Create a new Membership Toolkit account or use your existing one (you can create multiple MT accounts for a single profile e.g both parents can have their own accounts for a single child)


Please ensure you complete your family information, critically your child's grade and teacher, which are required in order to access your class message board for communications from class parents.

2. Website Intro Video 

Look at this video for a introduction to navigating the website.



3. App Intro Video

Download the app Apple or Android

Look at this video for a introduction to the App.



Riverside Reel

Starting this year, we have created a member-only secure website for photos and videos of the various PTA events happening throughout the year. Take a trip down memory lane or see what happened recently. Invitations for the same will go out to all parents who have created a login on Visit our Riverside Reel Help Section.

PTA Membership & Directory

In an effort to further green our operations, the PTA will not be offering bound, printed hard copies of our family directory.  We will, however, be issuing a printable digital file of the family directory to PTA members who have paid dues.  Please note that the family directory includes all Riverside School families (both in-person and remote learning school)
Please ensure all your information is correct.
Update Your Info
Go to My Account > My Page > Family & Student Information (under Parent and Student Information section) and make sure all your information is correct, including your student's correct classroom.
Set Your Preferences
Go to My Account > My Page > Directory & Publish Settings to specify what information you want or do not want included in the directory (online and PDF versions).  Please note that by default, even if you have not paid PTA dues, your information will be included in our printable and online directories.  
Pay Membership Dues
If you haven't done so yet, go to My Account > My Page > Join the PTA to contribute to the many wonderful student, family and community programs and events that the PTA organizes. We'll send you a printable PDF directory! 

Visit our extensive PTA Membership Frequently Asked Questions page 

Message Board

  • Classroom message boards provide a way for the Class Parents to be able to send quick communications to the families that are in that classroom.
  • To ensure you are included in the correct message board, please go to My Account>MyPage and ensure the correct classroom is updated for your students including remote school.

  • Any posts on the Message Board are delivered through email and app notification.
  • Parents will be able to go to the website page set up for the message board and see all of the posts current & past.
  • Members cannot reply to posted messages. They can however reply to the email they have received. The reply-to address is of the class parent who posted the message.
  • Parents will need to be logged in and will see only their classroom message board.
  • Class parents won't have to maintain email lists or worry about communication not reaching any parents.
  • Parents can always change their email address online, or unsubscribe from the emails.

Educational Information

Please visit the Greenwich Public Schools website for information on Teaching and Learning, Remote Learning

Technical Help

The District Information Technology team can provide technical support to parents and students experiencing issues with iPads and accessing District platforms.


Your child's teacher can assist users with log-in information for educational technology like IXL, Raz Kids, Destiny, etc.


We are in the process of building this page, please do send your comments or suggestions to


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