Riverside School's 8th Annual Stem Fair

April 6-7, 2022


An Opportunity for Students to Develop Innovative Solutions to Real-World Challenges


STEM Fair is a chance for students to work independently or with friends (or siblings), exploring an area of focus - Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. Students will answer a question of their choice or develop a project* using those skills.



Congratulations to our STEM Fair participants, and thank you to the families who visited the Open House!

STEM Fair 2022 Project Sample 1
STEM Fair 2022 Project Sample 2
STEM Fair 2022 Project Sample 3
STEM Fair 2022 Project Sample 4

With more than half of the student body presenting, STEM Fair was a big success with its wide range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math projects. 

We enjoyed seeing so many innovative ideas!

Please email Kelsey Mayhall or Luisa Arevalo with any questions.


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