We are thrilled to announce a new Riverside School “Math Team”! Open to students in Grades 2-5, the Math Team offers young math enthusiasts a chance to learn problem-solving strategies, work on new types of math problems, and enter national math competitions, including the Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC), with their peers from Riverside School.


The Riverside School Math Team will be comprised of a group of students in Grades 2-5 who:

  • Participate in the Riverside Math Team Afters; and/or
  • Register and take the Noetic Learning Math Contest in the Fall or Spring; and/or
  • Are simply interested in being on our email list for a chance to play games and possibly win prizes for doing math!

Math Team Afters:


For the first time in the Fall 2023, Riverside School offered a Math Team Afters class taught by Riverside’s ALP Math teacher Mrs. Carolyn Hancock. The curriculum was designed to foster critical thinking and stretch the student's mathematical and problem-solving abilities. We look forward to offering this program again in the future!

Noetic Learning Math Contest:


Any student, regardless of whether they are participating in the Math Team Afters, may register to represent the Riverside School Math Team in the Noetic Learning Math Contest. Our spring competition date is Thursday, April 11 at 7:30am. We will have teams for each grade 2-5. Per the contest rules, each school team takes the 45-minute test at the same time. Students will receive individual scores, and the top six scores for a team will determine each team’s overall placement. 

Registration deadline is Friday, March 15 at 8:00pm!


Additional Information:

  1. What is the format of the Noetic Competition exam?
    During the contest, students have 45 minutes (50 minutes online) to solve 20 creative problems independently without a calculator. The team contest will take place at school; individuals are always welcome to compete on their own at home. 

  2. How do we go about preparing?
    All registrants will get access to Noetic-provided practice tests for students to practice prior to the contest. You can also find grade-specific sample problems on the Noetic website. 

  3. Will there be more such contests in the future at school?
    We would love to bring more such contests to school! If you hear about other such contests for the students, please drop us an email at riversideschoolfamily@gmail.com.




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