Science Enrichment Programs

We offer innovative, interactive, hands-on science programming that effectively enhances the science curriculum.
Biology, Chemistry and Physics are all covered by programs ranging from learning about animals in their natural habitats, to weather, to light and sound and how they work.
View full details of the many exciting science enrichment activities coming during the 2019 - 2020 school year.

Highlights include  



We will bring the weather inside for Kindergarten as they take an up close and hands on look at a real tornado and make clouds and rain indoors.



1st Grade

1st grade will be meeting some live amphibians and insects from Animal Ambassadors to enhance their understanding of metamorphic life-cycles.



2nd Grade 

The Riverside School cafe will be transformed into an interactive museum for the 2nd grade topic Dinosaurs Rock.



3rd Grade 

3rd grade will explore how human activity can affect the delicate balance of our ecosystem and meet some endangered species.



4th Grade 

Dirtmeister’s Electric Show will introduce 4th grade students to the physics of electricity




5th Grade 

5th grade will learn how we can drive solar cars and generate our own electricity whilst looking at renewables and alternate forms of energy.




An opportunity for students to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges


Riverside’s annual STEM Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) takes place in April 2020 and offers students a chance to sharpen their STEM skills as they explore their world and/or create solutions to real-world problems. Read more here.



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