Science Enrichment Programs

We offer innovative, interactive, hands-on science programming that effectively enhances the science curriculum however, it's been a little challenging this year since all enrichment programs have been virtual so far.  But we have been able to offer a wide and interesting range of programs.
Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are all covered by programs ranging from learning about animals in their natural habitats to weather to light and sound and how they work.
View full details of the many exciting science enrichment activities coming during the 2020 - 2021 school year. See the pictures from the various programs on The Riverside Reel.

Highlights include  



Amazing Mammals -Students get up close and personal with animal Ambassdors

Innovation Station- Students learn about cities and their importance to our modern world.



1st Grade

Space Matters -Learners investigate the final frontier

Zoom to the Moon -Students explore planets, Moon, eclipses through hands-on investigations.



2nd Grade 

Bash the Trash’s “Experimental Orchestra” is a two-part science enrichment program that includes a performance and a hands-on instrument-building workshop.




3rd Grade 

Beak Variations -students consider why different birds look the way they do, why are some bird's beaks are pointy, some curved, some long, some short.



4th Grade 

Magnetic Pendulums- In this Eli Whitney Museum program, students create a dynamic model of an insect’s or bird’s world.




5th Grade 

Sustainability -Students consider the long-term impacts of energy production. Students build a model to compare the energy production methods of the United States and France.




An opportunity for students to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges


Riverside’s annual STEM Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) took place in April 2021 and offered students a chance to sharpen their STEM skills as they explore their world and/or create solutions to real-world problems. Read more here.



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