The Early Morning Program at Riverside School provides a fun, familiar place for Riverside students before the start of the school day. This before school enrichment program is led by a Riverside teacher who supervises the children in the cafeteria while they engage in activities corresponding to the program such as reading, arts & crafts, puzzles and games. 


Timing & Drop Off

*Current policy until further notice* EMP requires advance notice and payment by 4:00 pm on the Sunday leading into the week your child will attend. See below for details on how to make a payment.


The program runs Monday through Friday from 7:15 am until school opens at 8:30 am. If there is a delayed school opening, the program will begin one hour and fifteen minutes before school opens. For example, if there is a 90-minute delayed opening, the school will start at 10:00 am and the Early Morning Program will begin at 8:45 am. Please note, the EMP begins on the second day of school each year; it is not available on the first day.


Parents should bring their children to the outside cafeteria door starting at 7:15 am until 8:00 am, and then to the front door if arriving after 8:00 am.


COVID Safety

No parents are allowed in the building this year, and that applies to the Early Morning Program as well.  Please do not walk into the building with your child. Knock on the door and wait for a staff member to open the door for you. Mask-wearing is optional during the Early Morning Program but social distancing will be encouraged.


How to Enroll

Please fill out the enrollment form online in order for your child to begin attending the program on a regular basis and/or be eligible to be a drop-in student. We are not accepting paper forms. 




There is no nurse in the school building during Early Morning Program hours; therefore, any medical information must be communicated on the enrollment form, and any medication must be sent into the Early Morning Program.    


To drop off medication, please put it in the Early Morning Program staff member’s hands, along with a completed Authorization for the Administration of Medicines by School Personnel form, on the first day you drop off your child, rather than sending it in your child’s backpack.  Do not, however, enter Riverside School to give the medication; please wait at the door for the staff member to come out to you.


How to Pay

Please pay all fees in advance online only at (no cash or checks accepted).

  • Per Day: We require advance notice if you would like to enroll in the EMP. Please pre-pay and indicate the dates your child will attend by clicking the button below by 4:00 pm on the Sunday leading into the week your child will attend. For daily drop-ins, please only pay a week ahead of time, with a maximum of 5 days at a time.
  • Per Semester: If enrolling your child for a semester, you may choose 1-5 days per week. Fees are $620 for 5 days, $495 for 4 days, $370 for 3 days, $250 for 2 days, and $125 for 1 day per week.


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