Treasury Guidelines


Expense Reimbursement Policy

  • Complete check request form. A hard copy is also available in the VP Treasurer's birdhouse box inside the main entrance at school.
  • Include committee name
  • Attach receipts; if you do not have receipts or a copy of a supporting contract to accompany the reimbursement/payment request, please obtain approval from your VP or one of the Co-Presidents prior to turning it in to the Treasurer.
  • Be prompt (within 30 days of incurring the expense)
  • Allow 7 to 10 days for processing (checks are only cut once a week)
  • Request tax exemption (I.D. #11358 on form – copies of form are in Treasurer’s box); any sales taxes incurred will not be reimbursed.  Provide IRS Determination Letter.
  • Apprise Treasurer and your VP of any expenses that significantly exceed prior year and/or if you expect to exceed budget
  • Leave the completed form in the VP Treasurer's box in the birdhouse.

Payments for Services Rendered

For any individual or LLC paid more than $600 (total for calendar year, Jan 1-Dec 31) you must include on the form:

  • Name
  • $ Amount
  • Address
  • Social Security or Taxpayer I.D. number
  • Signature of the VP

Borrowing/Using Paypal Reader for Fundraising Events

  • Contact Treasurer or Asst. Treasurer at least 1 week prior to an event to arrange a handoff meeting with volunteers designated to process transactions using their mobile devices
  • At the handoff meeting, the Treasurer/Asst. Treasurer will ensure the app is downloaded properly, users are trained, and that the pre-loaded list of “items” for sale (e.g. Pizza Bingo raffle tickets, 3-mile Riverside Run registration, Fun Run registration, etc) is accurate and complete
  • Upon conclusion of the event, everyone who processed transactions using the PayPal Here app must locate the Treasurer/Asst. Treasurer to ensure removal of the app from their mobile device

Committees with Income/Large Deposits

  • Complete the deposit form.
  • Committees with a large number of checks to deposit are responsible for contacting the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer after filling out the "deposit form"; deposits will be made at the bank by the Treasurer or the Assistant Treasurer.
  • Committees that receive large numbers of checks and cash (ie: Membership, Book Fair, Pizza Bingo, etc.) should appoint “treasurers” to coordinate this process.
  • Misc. checks can be left in Treasurer’s box for depositing, with description of deposit clearly noted; if you have cash for deposit, contact the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer directly
  • Provide a summary of income and expenses within 30 days of the end of your program to your VP, the PTA Co-Presidents and the Treasurer

Check Cashing

  • Must be cashed before the end of the school year (or as soon as possible.)

Tax ID Number:

  • 06-1097792


Approximately $5 of your initial donation pays for your directory, and $5 goes to our CT PTA dues. As such, $10 total of your initial donation is not deductible. If you purchased any additional directories, the entire fee for that directory is not deductible.


This page includes the amount of each PTA fundraiser that is not considered tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor as to your specific tax situation.


For any additional information please contact



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