5th Grade Yearbook





Thanks to everyone for submitting baby photos and photos from your child’s years at Riverside School! The Yearbook Committee will start their work on putting together the pages now.

There are two final steps for you to complete for the yearbook:

  1. PURCHASE YOUR YEARBOOK(S) – Follow the instructions on the "Riverside Yearbook Online ORDERING Guide" to purchase your child’s yearbook! You can purchase more than one in case parents, grandparents, or other family members want a copy. Students will have an opportunity to sign each other’s yearbooks on June 14.

  2. INDIVIDUAL STUDENT PAGE – Each STUDENT puts together a yearbook page for themselves. See examples below. This is NOT a page from parents to students. Photos from non-Riverside events can be used on these pages. Please see the "Riverside School YEARBOOK ADS 2023-2024 Order & Submit" for detailed instructions. You will follow instructions for “purchasing” an ad, but note that there is no cost for these pages.

Once your student page is "purchased", you'll receive an email with more information on the steps to create the page. Please work with your child to be sure that he or she has enough time to create the page before the deadline.


The deadline for purchasing yearbooks and submitting ads is Monday, April 1, 2024.


Reach out to Heeyoon Slater and Mercedes Seitun with any questions!


Sample Student Pages




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