The 5th Grade class will be receiving a yearbook, It’s a wonderful memento of their time at Riverside School filled with pictures from all their 6 years.


The end of 5th grade may seem a long way off, but it is time to start thinking about our yearbook!  We have a great committee in place ready to start working on the pages and we need your help.  We are asking you to provide us with the following by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2021:

1. One baby photo of your 5th grader.  ***Please make sure you name this photo so we know who it is!

2. Photos of your 5th grader (or any other 5th grader) at school events from Kindergarten to 5th Grade.  Think Parade of Learners, Field Trips, Field Day, Boo Bash, Chorus/Band/Orchestra concerts, etc...basically we want you to select the best photos you have taken of your child at a SCHOOL EVENT since he/she has been at Riverside School. 


PLEASE NOTE: The emphasis here is on quality, not quantity – so please take the time BEFORE you upload pictures to organize and select the best ones!  Remember that there are over 70 kids in the grade so ideally only upload several pictures per grade as our yearbook committee will have to go through all photos uploaded to select and organize pictures for the yearbook pages.  Sometimes less is more! Also the ideal is for pictures to have 300 dpi resolution for the images in order to reproduce well in the book.


We have a digital drop ready to accept your pictures.  Below please find detailed instructions on this process.

Use the following address to create an account and upload your photos:

1.  Type in Riverside School in the "Search for Your School" blank and click on it when you see it on the list (FYI...there is more than one "Riverside School" on the list, so make sure you choose our school in CT:)

2.  Click “Let’s Go”

3.  Click on "Upload Photos"

4.  Create an account by clicking the “Create an Account” button on that screen and follow the prompts.

-You might (chrome/internet explorer differ) be asked to search for your school again.  You WILL be asked to confirm your school to continue.

-Enter your details

-Verify your account




For example:  when you are uploading a photo of your child from the Kindergarten Parade of Learners, click on the blue "Upload Photos" button, select the photo/s you want to upload from your computer, and choose the KINDERGARTEN-Parade of Learners folder from the drop-down menu.  There is a "miscellaneous" folder for each grade as well.  


On the computer, select the images you would like to upload and press Open.  You can select multiple photos at once by pressing CTRL + Clicking on the desired images.  On your phone, select the photos you would like to upload and select “done”.


For each uploaded photo, the only required thing to do is to choose a Category (or folder) the image should be uploaded into.  You do not have to enter a date or “Who is in the Photo” EXCEPT FOR THE BABY PHOTO – for this one please name it!  Once you have entered that information, scroll down and press “Upload Photos” or Save.  You will now see the photos that you uploaded appear in “My Photos” and in the selected Folder. 


Once you have created an account, you can revisit the site to add more photos anytime by logging in to your account.  We cannot accept hard copies of photos.  Please scan and upload any photos that you would like considered for the yearbook.  


Thank you for your attention to this LONG note!  We know that this is a busy time of year and thank you in advance for your help in making this a special memory for our kids.  We will likely send reminders before the FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2021 deadline.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to either of us if you have any questions!


Picture Folders for Website

  • Baby Photos
  • Kindergarten
    • Parade of Learners, Boo Bash/ Halloween Parade, Field Day, Field Trips, Miscellaneous + 100th Day of School
  • 1st Grade
    • Parade of Learners, Boo Bash, Field Day, Field Trip, Miscellaneous 
  • 2nd Grade
    • Parade of Learners, Boo Bash, Field Day, Field Trips, Miscellaneous + Mexican Fiesta 
  • 3rd Grade
    • Parade of Learners, Boo Bash, Field Day, Field Trips, Miscellaneous 
  • 4th Grade
    • Parade of Learners, Boo Bash, Covid Home Schooling, Field Trips, Miscellaneous 
  • 5th Grade
    • First Day of School, Bike Rodeo, Remote Learning, Miscellaneous
  • General Folders
    • Riverside Run (All Grades)
    • Band, Chorus, Orchestra (General)
    • Peter Pan (School Play)
    • STEM Fair (All Grades)
    • Riverside Rangers, Student Council
    • General/ Miscellaneous

Questions - please contact Katie Hertzmark


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