The PTA Logo

Why a PTA logo?

            The Riverside PTA is a private, not-for-profit organization created to support Riverside School, a public educational institution. Though the two organizations are tightly intertwined, they are in fact separate entities. Similarly, while the PTA may communicate in tandem with the school to reinforce and support its messaging, it also has its own communications needs as it reaches out to its membership in different, and sometimes broader, ways.


            One of the ways we can reinforce this unique relationship is to differentiate the PTA’s brand from that of the School (e.g. the “Riverside R” and the Red Hawk), making each entity’s communications easily discernable from a visual standpoint.


The Inspiration

            Riverside School is at the heart of our community and the work the PTA carries out.  The school building itself is a symbol of our community, the importance of education, and the future that lies in the hands of our children. We studied some of the architectural details – subtle yet charming – that adorn the school’s façade for ideas and inspiration:




Developing the Design

            The Riverside PTA was very fortunate to have a talented parent volunteer, Brett Weiner, working on graphic design for our website. With input and consult from the PTA Board, we were able to tap into Brett’s time and vision to generate several ideas. The bursting rays of sunshine within the school’s center pediment (see the center photo in the section above) ultimately stood out as particularly fitting. The sun is evocative of illuminating our community and beyond, brightening the minds of our children who learn through Riverside School, shedding light and clarity.


Breaking Down the PTA Logo

            The “Riverside School” font was chosen to resemble (but not replicate) the school’s “Riverside R”. Furthermore, the shade of red used matches the color within the school’s collateral, reflecting the PTA’s ties to Riverside School. And lastly, the sun imagery reflects the sun in the pediment at the entrance to the school.


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