Come join us in the garden!


Come on over to see the gorgeous new vegetable garden at Riverside! Generously funded by the PTA and built by Jim Charling (grandfather of 2nd grader Eric), with assistance from Aaron Charling (Eric’s dad), the new garden is ready to grow!


This new garden design enables a full class to fit and work, learning all the wonders of planting seeds and seeing them grow and produce vegetables and herbs. The garden is now made up of two long rows of beds on either side so that the children have space to move in between without tripping on each other.


Stay tuned for planting plans, but in the meantime, drop by to admire our new space or check out the pictures on The Riverside Reel.


Sign up during the year for garden maintenance. Due to COVID, our volunteering may look a little different but the garden still needs maintaining and we would love your help or even come to admire all the flowers and vegetables and creatures living there!


Below find some great links about gardening and local parks to go visit:

Riverside Garden Club had kids from all grades outside planting bulbs behind the school adding to the beautiful Daffodil border that started last year.
Working in collaboration with Greenwich Parks and Recreation Department, we were able to plant over 400 new plants.
Be sure to keep an eye out for lots of gorgeous flowers in Spring 2020!
For more information, or to get involved, please contact Maureen Stanley.


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