The PTA supports Riverside in developing a healthier school environment across many areas of wellness including nutrition, fitness, mental health, and more! 


Fitness Week 2021

Monday, October 4th to Friday, October 8th


Fitness Week is an annual event that highlights the importance of exercise and daily physical activity. This year, Fitness Week will be held October 4 – 8 to coincide with National Walk to School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 6. All Riverside students are encouraged to walk, bike, scoot, or skateboard to school every day during Fitness Week, in addition to their regular activities.



Thank you to everyone who participated in Fitness Week! We had nearly 200 submissions, and the most popular activities included biking, walking, baseball, and soccer. Individual winners for each grade were selected at random and will receive a credit towards a purchase of Riverside Spirit Wear. The class with the highest rate of participation for each grade will win extra recess. Great job, Riverside!


Individual Winners

Kindergarten: Mila C

1st Grade: Sarah S.

2nd Grade: Alonso G.

3rd Grade: Zoe S.

4th Grade: Lucas B.

5th Grade: Alexander Y.


Class Winners by Grade

Kindergarten: Ms. Rizzi

1st Grade: Ms. DiDonato

2nd Grade: Ms. Sturman

3rd Grade: Ms. Goodbody

4th Grade: Ms. Crawford

5th Grade: Ms. Anstey & Ms. Ware (tie)


Overall Classroom Winner

Ms. Goodbody’s class



Some of our Health and Wellness events and initiatives from previous years include: 


 Nutrition Week

May 3-7, 2021


Nutrition Week is May 3-7, a reminder to encourage students to eat a balanced diet that will give them energy and the nutrients they need as they grow. Please take part in Nutrition Week by making sure the children start their day with a healthy breakfast. Starting the day with nourishing foods (whole grains, fruit, low-fat milk or yogurt, nuts, etc.) has been shown to increase energy and improve focus and memory. We also encourage you to print out the “Eat 5 Fruits and Veggies Everyday” sheet as a way to help remind students to eat fresh, nutritious food every day.


If you’d like to learn more about the latest dietary guidelines for elementary school students, visit: You’ll find the latest guidance on eating a healthy diet, fun quizzes, and activity sheets that highlight the importance of healthy eating through word searches, crossword puzzles, coloring, and more.  



“MyPlate” has replaced the Food Pyramid that most of us grew up with!



Wellness Wednesday Series


During the 2020-21 school year, the Wellness Committee will offer a wellness-related message on a Wednesday of every month. Mr. Weiss will share these messages during his morning announcement with students.
October is National Anti-Bullying Month, and this month’s announcement will remind students to Stand Up and Speak Out against bullying so all students feel safe and supported at school. 
For age-appropriate tips on how to combat bullying, visit: 
Here are some video resources, as well:





Allergy Awareness



All parents and students should be aware and have a basic understanding of the risks faced by their children's friends with food allergies. The Allergy Awareness committee provides important allergy information and tips over the course of the school year and try to include allergen friendly treats at PTA organized school events.


Halloween Candy Donations


Riverside students and families donate Halloween candy for a good cause. With the help of local Greenwich Pediatric Dental Group’s Dr. Stacy Zarakiotis, we have raised hundreds of dollars for Operation Smile. We funded more than three cleft lip/palate surgeries last year!

Fruit & Veggie Challenge

Riverside students are encouraged to participate in a week-long challenge to eat a healthy and colorful array of fruits and vegetables. The goal of this week is to promote healthy eating in a fun and positive way, both inside and outside of school.


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