After a 2-year hiatus, we are so happy to bring back the Winter Musical with Matilda, Jr.! This is a story of a courageous, imaginative and sometimes naughty girl who dares to take a stand and change her destiny.  We look forward to bringing this high-energy and fun story to life on the Riverside stage.


This is primarily a 5th grade event, with some opportunities for 4th graders to be part of the production.  All 5th graders who register WILL be in the show.  Any 5th grader who wants to have a speaking or singing line, a dance or gymnastics feature, or a role will need to audition.  Any 5th grader who prefers to be in the ensemble (group scenes, song and dance numbers) will NOT need to audition.  4th graders who register may be subject to a lottery (depending on the number of spots available after 5th grade registration), and those 4th graders chosen by lottery will automatically be in the ensemble and will NOT need to audition.


Key Dates:


*Times are subject to change and will be finalized by our director later this year.  All rehearsals are mandatory due to the short timeline of this show*


AUDITIONS:  November 16 3:15-6:45pm



                    December 6-7 (principal roles only) 3:15-5:30pm

                    December 13-14 (full cast) 3:15-5:30pm

                    December 20 (full cast) 3:15-5:30pm

                    January 3-6 (full cast) 3:15-6:45pm

                    January 7 (full cast) 9:00-12:00 or 1:00pm

                    January 9-12 (full cast) 3:15-6:45pm



                    January 13, 2:00pm (in-school, not open to public)

                    January 13, 7:00pm

                    January 14, 11:00am


For additional information, please reference our FAQ or contact Lala Addeo and Jenni Reynolds.

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