Riverside School's Math Marathon 2022

Jan 24th -Jan 28th, 2022



Thank you to everyone who participated in the Math Marathon, a week-long event where we celebrate the study of math in our school community and educate parents about some of the tools our teachers use in their classrooms. We had 185 game board submissions and over 100 participants at virtual Family Math Night hosted by Greg Tang, master game developer, programmer, and favorite among teachers and students alike.


We hope you had fun and learned about some local, accessible math resources, including the GPS K-8 math approachGreg Tang games and worksheets, Bedtime Math website and books, and the virtual and in-person opportunities at the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath).


And now for the winners...drum roll, please! The winner of the raffle drawing was Alejandro in Mrs. Theile's Kindergarten class! : Alejandro has won a year-long family membership to the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath), plus a $50 gift card to the MoMath store! (Membership includes access to the museum in NYC as well as virtual programming. The year-long membership can start at the winner’s discretion, as late as June 1, 2022.)


The homerooms with the highest % participation in their grade (it was very close!) have earned an extra recess: KK, 1M & 1N (tie), 2B, 3G, 4A, 5W.


For those of you who just can't get enough math, the game board links are still live -- feel free to download other levels to give your kids an extra challenge. Thank you again for participating and joining us in celebrating math!


Level 1 Game Board (suggested for Kindergarten)

Level 2 Game Board (suggested for Grade 1)

Level 3 Game Board (suggested for Grade 2)

Level 4 Game Board (suggested for Grade 3)

Level 5 Game Board (suggested for Grade 4)

Level 6 Game Board (suggested for Grade 5)



Email any questions to Math Marathon volunteers Betsy McIntyre, Lisa Steinberg, or Jocelyn Michels, and thank you for participating! 



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