A summer full of adventure, travel, and toys!


What is the “Riverside Summer Read”?
The Riverside Summer Read is a shared reading experience for all the students and families at Riverside. It not only encourages students to read over the summer but it also becomes a reference point for conversations between parents, children, teachers, librarians, neighbors, and friends.
See how many times you end up discussing the books with your friends and family!
This summer of 2020, Riverside Elementary School chose a collection of stories ….



Doll People 

by Brian Selznick and Ann M. Martin



The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane 

by Kate DiCamillo



Toys Go Out 

by Emily Jenkins



The Velveteen Rabbit 

by Margery Williams





Where can I get these books?

Support local and buy at Diane’s! 

We have partnered with Diane’s Books in Greenwich. Call ahead for curbside pickup (203) 869-1515.


The E-Library

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane on TeenBookCloud

Check out Greenwich Library Online for free e-copies of the books. https://greenwich.overdrive.com
Guides & More
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane https://www.candlewick.com/book_files/0763625892.btg.1.pdf
Who can we contact if we have any questions about which book to read or anything else?
 Feel free to email Gillian Geiger (gilliangeiger@yahoo.com) or Lindsay Snedeker (Lindsay.Snedeker@gmail.com).


How does Riverside use these books in the fall?
This varies every year.  One year, the Summer Read was “Peter Pan,” coordinating with the 4th/5th grade play. It was also the theme of the yearbook.  Another year, we read "James and the Giant Peach” and the 3rd graders used the theme for their September programming, Play-in-A-Day. During all of the years, some of the teachers read parts of the stories during dismissal and use the texts in other ways.  This all depends on how it might work into their curriculum. Sadly, this 2020/21 school year, we are unable to have visitors in the classroom.
Who organizes the Summer Read?
The summer read is organized by the PTA as well as two fabulous Riverside teachers, Fionnuala Browning from the media center and Stacy Mozer, one of our advanced learning program teachers and published author!