2023-24 Drop-Off and Dismissal Information



School hours are: 8:45am to 3:15pm (3:10pm for Kindergarten)


Drop-off: School doors open at 8:30am and close promptly at 8:45am. During that time, students will use the school's main front entrance. Kindergarten students (and any children/siblings accompanying a Kindergartener) can also use the Kindergarten door closest to Hendrie Avenue. Visitors, or any student arriving after 8:45, must ring the doorbell at the school's main entrance and sign in.


Dismissal: At 3:15pm (3:10pm for Kindergarten). Students will exit through doors specific to their grade:

  • Kindergarten - Door at the side of the school closest to Hendrie Avenue
  • Grade 1 - Near the gym doors
  • Grade 2 - Main entrance
  • Grade 3 - Door to the left of the main entrance (when facing the school)
  • Grades 4 & 5 - Door to the right of the main entrance (when facing the school)


For additional details on entry/exit procedures please contact the school office or your child's teacher.


SCHOOL DISMISSAL MANAGER (SDM) must be used for any changes in dismissal instructions as well as documentation of absences, late arrivals and early pick-ups. In the event of an unexpected early release, you will need to access SDM and let the school know who will be picking up your child. It's also a way to communicate if a babysitter or friend's parent will be picking up your child. You can access it from your computer at www.schooldismissalmanager.com or download the app on your mobile device. If you have any issues downloading SDM on your Apple or Android mobile device, please watch this helpful 90-second video.  


  Safety First at Drop-Off / Pick-up 


Your children’s safety is our #1 concern at Riverside School. Unfortunately, we continue to witness unsafe actions by drivers during the busy times of drop-off and pick-up that put children and adults in danger of injury and property in danger of damage. With that, we'd like the entire community to become familiar with the “Rules of the Road” in regards to drop-off and pick-up. 


"Rules of the Road" at Riverside School

(this document is also on the school's Back to School page that Mr. Weiss
referred to in his mid-August email to families)


Volunteer for 15-minute morning Safety Duty shifts


Please read carefully and share the “Rules of the Road” document with your spouse, caregiver, grandparents, or anyone who may be dropping off or picking up your child to ensure that these rules are followed at ALL times. Please sign the document and return it to Riverside School.


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