Helpful Apps


The school and PTA use a few apps to help with communication. It's handy to have all these apps in one place on your device or phone for easy usage.




School Dismissal Manager

In the event of an early release, you will need to get into this app and let the school know who will be picking up your child. It's also a way to communicate if a babysitter or friend's parent will be picking up your child.



Membership Toolkit

This app is our school directory. Access the app to find student and parent information. Arrange a playdate or find out where your supposed to be going. There is even an interactive map to help guide the way! Also, did you know you can view the PTA Calendar on the app? On the bottom you can tab to the calendar to see lots of dates!



My School Bucks

Manage your student's lunch money account right from your device or phone! 



Google Drive

Lots of our PTA information is kept on our private Google drives. If you are chairing an event or working on a committees, lots of best practices and information is stored on here from year to year.


MyPage: Parent Dashboard

Create or update your login today and access MyPage, your personal dashboard to buy tickets, volunteer and much more!

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