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Students are encouraged to wear blue to show their commitment to recycling

 Pack a waste free lunch


1. Use a reusable lunch box instead of using paper bags. Find a lunch box or bag that's large enough to hold the food you usually pack. ...

2. Put food in resealable containers. ...

3. Pour drinks into a reusable bottle. ...

4. Pack your own metal silverware. ...

5. Bring a cloth napkin instead of paperDo not forget! A waste-free lunch means that you have no trash to throw away when you're done (just compostables such as apple cores, banana and orange peels).



The best way to reduce trash is to not create it!!!


Five Simple Ways to Pack a Waste-Free Lunch



REUSABLE carrier (cloth bag, lunchbox)

NO throw-away bags

REUSABLE containers

NO plastic wrap, foil or styrofoam

THERMOS for drinks

NO single-use cartons or cans

CLOTH NAPKIN to wash and re-use

NO paper napkins

SILVERWARE to wash and re-use

NO plastic forks and spoons

Keep the conversation going by discussing ways you recycle at home! Here is the complete updated List of Recyclables for the Town of Greenwich.


A short video that shows what happens at the materials recycling facility a specialized plant that receives, separates and prepares recyclable materials for marketing to end-user manufacturers




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