Riverside School PTA

Committee Members and Chairs




Clare Johnson & Betsy McIntyre



Gordon Beinstein, Interim Principal

Mary Dolan Collette, Interim Assistant Principal

Fionnuala Browning, VP Teachers


The PTA  delivers its full slate of events, programs, and initiatives.  To achieve this, we rely on a robust group of volunteers.  Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, please consider investing some of your time to benefit your child's elementary school experience.  It's a great way to get involved, make an impact, and get to know more families.


Class Parents

VP Kelsey Mayhall, riversideclassparents@gmail.com


If you are interested in any of the positions below, please email Kelsey.


Band Coordinator Grade 4 Suman Ganesh
Band Coordinator Grade 5 Heather DeVries
Chorus Coordinator Grade 4 Molly Campinell 
Chorus Coordinator Grade 5 Jenni Reynolds 
Beginner Orchestra Coordinator Jess Bernstein, Jessica Rickert 
Adv Orchestra Coordinator Heather Niemeyer, Ann Stedman 
Lead Class Parents Grade 5 Heather DeVries & Lindsay Melcher 
Riverside Reporter  
Student Council Coordinator Luisa Arevalo, Laura Elezaj 
Riverside Rangers Coordinator Adam Potter, Jillian Storms



Communications & Technology

VPs Carey Bisbee & Heeyoon Slaterriversideschoolcommunications@gmail.com


Graphic Designer Jim Muchmore
Publicity Amina Graham
Events Photographer Dru Gearhart
Media Manager Anne Goffin
Peek at the Week Heather Niemeyer, Jamie Walker
Digital Communications Stirling Eads, Erica Iles
Website Content Stirling Eads, Anne Goffin, Erica Iles, Jamie Walker
Special Projects Erin Teske, Matt Mitro
Web Team Carey Bisbee, Heeyoon Slater




VP Jaclyn Glazer, riversideschoolcommunity@gmail.com


Art Show/Display Ashley Colognesi, Lynn Fein
Bulletin Board Kim Halperin, Alexandra Saltis
Safety Sean Sullivan
Boo Bash Kerry Cox, Holly Harlow
Veterans Day Lindsay Dalton, Susan Matsko, Maureen Stanley
Mini Events Amanda Kennedy, Brenna Rhone
Playground/Recess Karen Sutton
Community Service Wendy Browning-Lynch, Alston Calabrese
Holidays for Haiti Jeannie Cunnion
School Spirit Chair Kim Halperin, Alexandra Saltis
Winter Musical Co-Chairs Jenni Reynolds, Tom Wallace



Health & Wellness

VP Hillary Harper, riversideschoolwellness@gmail.com


Green Schools  Caroline Viefers, [Open Role] (Co-Chairs)
Garden  Sharon Elkayam, Laura Luckenbach (Co-Chairs)
Beautification  Kate Jamieson, Heeyoon Slater
Wellness  Kimberly McConnell, Diana Mehlman (Co-Chairs)
Allergy Awareness Chair  Allison Minde
School Liaision  School Nurse




VP Luisa Lander, riversideschooleducation@gmail.com


ALP Building Representative Jamie Walker
ALP Grade 2 Representative  
ALP Grade 3 Representative Anne Akyuz 
ALP Grade 4 Representative Jess Fenton 
ALP Grade 5 Representative Lauren Cuneo 
Arts Field Day Committee Becca Chodos, Nicole Spayde
Arts Enrichment Programs Jocelyn Michels (Chair), Kate Cole, Allie Hilton, Melinda O'Laughlin
Riverside Rhythms Stacey Delikat, Stephanie Fieldston
Math Marathon Lauren Ellis, Mrudula Madkaikar
Science Enrichment Programs Alyssa Langel, Hollen Spatz (Co-Chairs)
STEM Fair Robyn Baldwin, Kelly Kessler
SIP/Academic Excellence Jess Fenton
Summer Read Initiative Allie Hilton, Greer Williams
Digital Learning Environment Alyssa Langel



Family/District Liaison

VP Virginia Lockhart, riversideschoolfamily@gmail.com



Virginia Lockhart, Jessica Dunne, Kim Treibick

ESOL Liaison

Adriana Carpio
New Family Orientation Kristen Addeo, Kimberly McConnell
Ropes Wall of Respect Becca Chodos, Sue Wilmot
Special Education Support (SES) Laura Luckenbach, Adriana Carpio 
Early Morning Program Melissa Goldstein, Anne Akyuz
Hospitality Kelly Kessler, Sue Wilmot
School Photos Holly Harlow, Stephanie Fieldston
Lost & Found Natalie Razov, Rachel Sbano




VP Lindsey Cooper, riversideschoolfundraising@gmail.com


Book Fair Laura Luckenbach, Kim Treibick (Co-Chairs)
Fall Fundraiser Laura Garcia, Morgan Gilbert, Allie Hilton (Co-Chairs)
Pizza Bingo Lindsey Kintner, Kelly Vives
School Apparel Jackie Dowling, Yvonne Ormerod
School Supplies Sharon Elkayam, Jenn Lacovara
Riverside Run Emily Trammell, Megan Wren (Co-Chairs)




VP Stine Sides, riversideschooltreasury@gmail.com


Assistant Treasurer Barbara Ohanissian
Scholarship Caitlin Wardell 



Committee Members and Chairs 2022-23


For any RIVPTA website or app related questions, email rivptapublic@gmail.com.


View the PTA Job Descriptions document to read a complete description of the roles listed above.

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