The Riverside PTA's Digital Learning Environment and Remote Learning School reps have proactively listed useful information for all families in the event the school, or a particular class section, switches to remote learning at any point in time.


“Your Child’s Digital Life”

Presentations with Mrs. Browning


Starting on February 1st, Mrs. Browning will lead a series of sessions for parents about digital citizenship, research tools, and the key apps used in school. This is a terrific opportunity for parents of children across all grade levels to see how their children and their teachers use digital tools for instruction in the classroom and homework assignments, as well as any possible remote learning. 


Please mark your calendars to attend any, if not all, of the following virtual sessions from 9:00-10:00 am:


Tuesday, February 1st 

Digital Citizenship in School and Beyond


Tuesday, March 1st

Familiarize Yourself with Our School's Research Tools and Databases


Tuesday, April 12th

Getting to Know the Google Ecosystem


Tuesday, May 23rd

Power Apps Used in School



Please mark your calendars for Monday, May 23 from 9:15-10:15 am for the last part of Mrs. Browning’s four-part “Your Child’s Digital Life” series for parents. We’re happy to welcome parents back into the school's Media Center for this presentation. Please enter and exit the school through the doors on the right side of the building directly leading into the Media Center.


The last session will focus on the key apps students use in school. These sessions are a terrific opportunity for parents with kids in all grade levels to see how their children and their teachers use digital tools not only for occasional remote learning but also for instruction in the classroom and for homework assignments


Links to the Google Meet will be distributed shortly before each session.



Here are some Digital/remote learning resources & help for Riverside School parents.


★ Explore the GPS Remote Learning Website which provides overviews and information about

the resources GPS uses to enhance remote learning, as well as resources to help support your

child's social and emotional learning


Scroll down the GPS Remote Learning webpage to find:

  • Text and/or video introductions to Google Classroom and other tools from the Google Suite to Seesaw, IXL, ST Math, Core 5, and Schoology
  • Tips to create a Living and Learning Environment
  • Resources for Social-Emotional Support

★ Parents who want to take a deeper dive into the apps their student uses for learning in school

and for homework can explore the Teacher space on the GPS Remote Learning Website

and the Digital Toolbox on the district webpage, where you’ll find brief tutorials and information

for several resources like Book Creator, Brain Pop, Khan Academy, nearpod and newsela.


★ Find more information on Epic (a digital reading platform that the GPS uses)

Learn what Epic is about, how to use it at home for free, and get some answers to FAQs.


★ Some Riverside school teachers may enable Guardian Summaries for their students. This is an

individual option not used in every classroom. More information on Guardian Summaries


★ Take a look at Remote Learning Advice from Riverside Parents


Technical Help


★ Having difficulty loading a digital tool or resource? Visit the Digital Resource Status Dashboard

to find information on the status of service for Google, Schoology, ST Math, Seesaw, BrainPOP,

Khan Academy, and other important tools. Scroll to the bottom of the Remote Learning Page on the Greenwich Schools website.


★ For Riverside School parents and students only: Our Media Specialists at Riverside are always

here to help! Please visit the Library Media Center Page to get important information on Online Safety/Digital Citizenship, Resources @ Riverside (ask your children for the “passkey” to access the Resources page), contact details to Tech Support at Riverside, and for general updates.


★ Having trouble logging in? Check out GPS Elementary Digital Tools Log in Credentials


★ Help with navigating Google Classroom. Check out the  Video or Slideshow


★ If you need technical support please email the GPS IT Department with any questions at or visit their support webpage





*As of December 14, 2020

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