Riverside School, along with other participating schools in the Town of Greenwich, will take part in Earth-related activities throughout the week. As an educational community, we can experience not only the power of personal actions at home but the power of collective, societal actions, and learn that together we can make substantial positive change.
Please consider joining in as many of the weekly activities as you can! 
Monday, April 19 | Dig In!
Our school will kick off Earth Week on Monday, April 19th with DIG IN!, a day that will raise awareness about the environmental impact of our food systems. To reduce their footprint and learn about the impact of their food choices, students can complete challenges to earn Footprint Badges.
To reduce our water and carbon footprints, the cafeteria will serve a meatless option for lunch. Students bringing lunch from home are encouraged to pack a waste-free and meatless meal. You can help the Earth one bite at a time by making your meal waste-free and meatless!


Elementary Tent Card

Meatless Lunch Ideas

Water Footprint Calculator

MobilizeU Toolkit 2020


Tuesday, April 20 | Nature - Made!
Earth Week continues with Art in Nature. From the food we eat and the water we drink to the air we breathe, we are all connected to and a part of nature. The artist in all of us is constantly amazed by the colors in a beautiful sunrise or sunset! To remember the importance of the Earth, classes will have the option of creating natured-themed projects during recess. Consider nature-inspired projects you can do at home too!

Animal Habitats

The Bee Knees

Living in Trees


Wednesday, April 21 | Citizen Science!
Become a CITIZEN SCIENTISTon Wednesday and help locate and identify the variety of plants and animals that call Greenwich home. COLLECT DATA! Get outside and observe, identify, and record the plants and animals that exist on our school grounds. Through the Seek by iNaturalist app, the Greenwich Conservation Commission will compile data collected across Greenwich to create a more comprehensive list of the species that call Greenwich home.
Also, consider creating an Earth-friendly project for the STEM at Home Phase II!

Science Parent Letter

iNaturalist: Setting up an Account

iNaturalist: How-to Guide

Tips for using iNaturalist


Thursday, April 22 | Earth Day!
Celebrate Earth Day AND show your Riverside school spirit by wearing GREEN and BLUE to school!  One School, One Town, one Planet! Share your spirit at #GreenwichEarthWeek

Earth Day History

Earth Day Proclamation

Earth Day Poem  


Friday, April 23 | RU Ready to Restore?
For the final day of Earth Week, RU Ready to Restore? Students will be given seed paper hearts and asked to pledge how they can help restore our Earth. Will they decide to reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse, repurpose, restore, repair, regenerate, rethink or help things rot? Please help plant the seed paper hearts so student pledges can take root and grow!
Let’s also Walk to School to show our commitment to the Earth and going Green!

Friday Earth Action Checklist

R-Word Cards  


Saturday, April 24 | Live Like Luke Beach Clean

Keep Earth Week going Saturday by participating in the Live Like Luke Beach Clean Up Day (https://tinyurl.com/BeachCleanupLiveLikeLuke2021) on Saturday, April 24th from 11am - 3pm at Greenwich Point Park.  Registration required.


Please contact Hillary HarperRenata De Freitas for more details. 


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