Riverside School, along with other participating schools in the Town of Greenwich, will take part in Earth-related activities throughout the week. As an educational community, we can experience not only the power of personal actions at home but the power of collective, societal actions, and learn that together we can make substantial positive change. 
Please visit Earth Week 2021: Restore our Earth for detailed information and supporting activities and documents. 

2021 Riverside School's Annual STEM Fair 

“STEM at Home” Challenge! 


Phase I: April 1-8

Congratulations to the Phase I winner, Winnie who won an Echo Dot!


Phase II: April 9-22

 Submit Project Photos by Thursday, April 22nd at 5 pm

 Enter for your chance to win an Echo Dot (4th Generation)!

An Opportunity for Students to Develop Innovative Solutions to Real-World Challenges 

(at Home!)




Take a peek inside the school for just some of the great work being done by our students in honor of Women's History Month on THE RIVERSIDE REEL. Ms. Moody's ALP 4th, 3rd, and 2nd-grade students used Epic Books and Resources at Riverside to delve deep and write profiles on influential women and their contributions to society. The students' work is on display on a bulletin board for the whole school to see. They are being encouraged to continue their work by independently reading about a woman they may have never heard of before.

Have you checked out the photos of the amazing work by students for WOMEN HISTORY MONTH in the Riverside Reel? Don't miss this peek inside the fun activities in school!


Click here for more information.




January 25-29, 2021


Last week, Riverside celebrated Wellness Week, a time to focus on mental and emotional health. Students participated in “Mindful Minute” breaks, breathing exercises, and themed activities that focused on stress relief, gratitude, and more. They also participated in a 10-minute yoga class during P.E. class on Friday that was created by Riverside mom and yoga instructor Angela Kilcullen! We encourage you to visit the Wellness Week homepage throughout the rest of the school year for activities, videos, and tips on how to practice mindfulness at home.  


The PTA has launched a NEW Logo!

We looked to the School’s architectural elements for inspiration, particularly the etchings of the sun on the building’s center pediment.  We like how the rays of sunshine evoke illuminating our community and beyond, brightening the minds of our children who learn through Riverside School.  We hope this will prompt you to lift your eyes upward at our building – there are some charming details!  
 A very big thank you to Brett Weiner for working with the PTA Board to create the design. 
Please visit our logo webpage for more information. 

General PTA Meeting 

Thank you to those who were able to join us for Riverside PTA General Meeting.  We approved a revised 2020-2021 budget, announced this year’s Nominating Committee, and discussed the new PTA logo.  
Rebekah Gienapp also presented on speaking to children about race and racism, followed by Q&A.  Please see email sent to access a recording of the presentation, as well as Rebekah’s slideshow and antiracism resource guide.  
If you did not complete our Zoom exit poll at the end of the meeting and you have a viewpoint on continuing conversations about equity, race, and bias, we encourage you to complete this very brief survey by Friday, January 29.  Though we’re still working on what this all entails, we would love to have a continuing dialogue on this topic.


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Earth Week April 19-23, 2021

Please visit Earth Week 2021: Restore our Earth for detailed information and supporting activities and documents. 

"Stem At Home" Challenge!


Phase II April 9-22

Remote Schoolers

Access the Remote Learning School PTA Community Message Board on Rivpta.org. Please contact Emily Brown, Riverside - Remote Learning School PTA Liaison, with any questions or suggestions.

Calling all SES Families

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